About Lake Snowden

Lake Snowden is a 675 acre education and recreation park, featuring the largest of four lakes which form the Margaret Creek Conservancy District.

The lake covers approximately 136 acres offering camping, boating, fishing, picnicking and swimming. The serene setting reveals natural beauty while maintaining the convenience of being just 5 miles from Athens, Ohio. The shelter houses, restroom facilities, beach, shoreline fishing holes, and fish hatchery make Lake Snowden a full-featured recreation park.

Lake Snowden was built for the Margaret Creek Conservancy District in 1968 with federal funds through the Farmer’s Home Administration and the Soil Conservation Service in an effort to control flooding. It opened to the public in 1972 and in 1998, Hocking College purchased Lake Snowden from Le-Ax Water District.

 GPS Coordinates: N 39 deg. 14.482 min, W 082 deg. 11.445 min.

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Lake Snowden Park Rules

The following rules and regulation are designed with the health and safety of all visitors in mind. Owner is not responsible for loss by fire, storm, accident, theft or any other cause beyond our control. Disregard for and breaking these rules is cause for immediate removal from the park without refund.Running water is placed throughout the park. A dump station is located near the Shower House.
While campsites are rented on a first come, first served basis, reservations are accepted with advance payment. At Lake Snowden, we set aside about half of our sites for seasonal use, while the remainders serves our overnight guests. Read more…